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I love this game so much I wish I could help you do you have discord or something? id be happy to help.

Thanks! We appreciate your interest, we don't have Discord but we can contact you in the future If we need a beta tester for the next version!

Enjoyed the game but had a bit of a problem with it lagging. Other than that I like the game. 

We're really glad you enjoyed it! We're doing what we can to fix the issues with the lag for future updates. Also, thank you for making a video, we really appreciate it!

I can't seem to download it on my windows laptop :( I tried both links for windows but it didn't work. 

Does the version not work on your laptop or itchio doesn't let you download it? I could try uploading the versions in .zip format

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Yes! My computer needs a .zip download so it can be extracted and copied onto the laptop! That would be much appreciated!

I re-uploaded both the windows 32 and 64 as a zip, I hope it fix the issue! 

Yes it has thank you! Can't wait to start playing!

final boss in demo starts to seriously lag in the second and third stage. (think most comes from the otherwise good-looking dynamic backgrounds needing too much render-time.)

yeah, maybe we went a little too crazy with the effects, I'm looking for some way to optimize the render time (since I would rather not give up on them)

Here's an idea: instead of rendering the background at full-res you could render it at quarter( or lower)-res and have the engine stretch it

Thats not a bad idea at all, I wonder if I could also do that for the normal tiled background, since Quinjao (artist) has some lag while playing normally, thanks for the suggestion, I will try it!

I don't know if it worked since the background is a tiled object (instead of a sprite), but I re-uploaded the demo letting the engine strech it and also touching anothers optimization option, I hope it fix the lag issues in the boss fight!